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About Us

A.C.E.S can handle all aspects of Craft Service Catering including accounting, shopping, cooking, delivery/pickup, serving the crew, and maintaining a clean and fully stocked Craft Service area.

Some of our recent clients include:

Food & Wine Magazine - Video Shoot for The Food Network -

"Devil"- Post Production at PE&G Productions - for M. Knight Shaymalan -

10 Day Movie shoot - Breakfast, Lunch and snacks - Documentary on the history of film–

Hooters Commercial Video Shoot - Holbrook Productions -

Fruit of the Loom - Commercial

Private Jet Chef Services for Kat Williams - Hosted the BET awards out of Atlanta - for 9 person entourage and 4 crew members

Let us provide Craft Services for your next shoot. A.C.E.S can accommodate your crew whatever the location. All of our menus are customized to meet your individual desires, taking into consideration any special dietary needs, as well as any treats the Director and DP may want-from a stash of Red Bulls to a favorite dessert:-)

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