Von Vargas

Baltimore, Maryland


About Me

Von Vargas is the front man for Von Vargas Music...a music production team that offers quality music production and songwriting as well as arrangements, background vocals, choruses, etc. Von started out as a musician playing drums, then went on to writing lyrics. After years of writing he went on to becoming a local party/club DJ, and studying piano.

Von Vargas is responsible for Music Marketing Ads, Hip-Hop Ads and Campaigns for: United Healthcare, American Cancer Society, Changes Enterprises / Dickies Workwear, AS Midway Tours (feat Adaleus Thomas formerly of the Baltimore Ravens), and more. Vons ads are heard on stations such as: Radio One’s 92.3 fm, 93.1 fm, 95.9 fm, 104.5 fm, Clear Channel’s 600 am, B.E.T, ESPN, TV One, HGTV, and more. Von Vargas also has a passion for youth development. He’s touched the lives of over 5000 youth in the past few years.

If you are in need of music production,songwriting or recording services please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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