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Nampa, Idaho


About Us

Charlie Horse Pictures is a catalyst in video production excellence. We are dedicated to producing top of the line, high quality video media. We deliver crisp, clear, concise messages custom tailored for any given client suited to fit any given audience. Through careful meticulous planning, bold cinematography and top of the line editing Charlie Horse Pictures delivers industry sharp video media that produces results.

Based out of Idaho’s Treasure Valley, Charlie Horse Pictures is able to utilize a seemingly endless supply of top quality resources; including one of a kind locations, seasoned industry professionals and state of the art equipment and facilities. Charlie Horse Pictures is the ideal local solution for the Treasure Valley and the state. Furthermore we have the resources and capability to produce powerful results anywhere in the Northwest, the nation and even internationally.

Charlie Horse Pictures is solid, secure and growing. Regardless of the current economy and state of our national affairs we are moving forward rapidly. We invite you to become our client, solid and secure growing and moving forward with us.

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