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Starr Auto Rentals, a Beverly Hills based Exotic Car Rental Boutique is offering a hassle free Luxury Supercar Experience in Californiia and Nevada.

The American Ideals that help define luxury and extravagance emanate from one place “Beverly Hills”.
Now this city of splendor has an automotive rental program worthy of its estimation.
A new division of Roadstarr Motorsports Inc. Starr Auto Rentals is redefining the term “ Rental “ with a breathtaking fleet of some of the finest luxury and exotic sports cars ever created.
Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce are just the spearhead of this unique fleet that are available for short or long term rentals.
Starr Auto Rentals program is another example of the commitment Roadstarr Motorsports offers their clients.
This program gives clients a longer period to fully experience some of the finest vehicles available, while also providing them with a truly exciting, once in a lifetime experience, all whenever and wherever they request.
As a part of its dedicated concierge service, Starr Auto Rentals will deliver and return selected rental vehicles free of charge within a 50 mile radius of Beverly Hills. A nominal fee will be added for transportation beyond the 50 mile radius.
Other services also include guided tours in the supercar of the clients choice in the greater Los Angeles Area. Which could be chauffeured Luxury Sedans or piloted exotic sports cars.
With over combined 50 years of staff experience in the high end exotic car segment we invite you to experience our on of a kind Auto Rental Program.

Alex Fischer
General Manager

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