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My name is Akande Davis and I am an audio engineer student, currently attending Full Sail University to receive my Bachelor's of Science in Recording Arts. I can recognize that a degree from Full Sail doesn't give me the ability to track, mix, or master beautifully. I know that skill comes with time and dedication; I am very dedicated to my craft. I have mixed and mastered several independent projects alike and I am also working with a couple of small film studios, adding quality audio to their productions. I believe that as an audio engineer, it is my job to keep things controlled. This doesn't only apply to the audio session, but it also means keeping the artist and producer happy, keeping things organized, and executing each task quickly and effectively. When nobody is in control, things can get disastrous quite quickly. In all I do I try to maintain control of my responsibilities while delivering a product that is bound to please the client.

Ghost Rider Un-Official Trailer
Added on 1/5/2012

The clip above is the sole property of the copyright owners. This clip is for demo purposes only and is not intended for distribution or resale. For a brief look at how I made the audio for this…

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