Michael Ross

Burbank, California


About Me

I am an experienced audio engineer. I have mixed tons of music for TV and Film, and Music Albums, both recording and live mixing.
My jobs have required me to develop a high level of skill in coordinating with studios, musicians, and a wide variety of people who are the very best in their various technical fields. My responsibilities included assuring everyone from the head of a multi billion dollar corporation, to the independent recording artist, that their project would be on time, on budget, and appealing to their audience. I pride myself on treating people fairly, while at the same time demanding excellence. I have worked on numerous million selling CDs, and motion pictures that have grossed over 100 million dollars. I have worked at the highest level including mixing music for the Grammy's, and the President of the United States. In 2001 I was nominated for a Grammy in the prestigious 'record of the year' category. I am now interested in sharing my talents with a single company on a full time basis.

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