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Cam is a 3 time Emmy Award winning & Voice Arts Award nominated Voice Over Actor, Director of Photography, and Technology Geek.

You will hear Cam's voice every day on radios and TV's everywhere for clients like The Food Network, Pandora, Hardee's, Honda, Zappos, The CW Network, Lowe's, ExxonMobil and more!

Cam helps tell your story. All vocals are recorded in a professional studio with state of the art equipment including Sennheiser MKH-416, Avalon 737 preamp, and Adobe Audition DAW.

Cam Cornelius - Commercial Voice Demo
Added on 7/15/2018
Cam Cornelius - Commercial Voice Demo VoiceOverDude.com


Voice Actor – Southern Fried Thickburger

Commercial – Hardee's

Voice Actor – Seapak Promo

Television – Food Network

Voice Actor – Various

Online – Pandora Radio

Voice Actor – Final Stop

Feature – Artonix Studios

Featured Extra – Slacker Uprising

Feature – Eat Dog Films

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