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Oakland, California

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My name is Andy Nguyen, and I'm a Audio Engineer and a Technician. I graduated from Ex'pression College of Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA, with a Bachelors in Science Degree in Sound Arts.

I can provide audio services such as Recording, Mixing and Mastering. I work with a variety of programs to get my work done and accomplish my project; programs such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and of course Studio Consoles. When Recording I am very detail oriented, and focus. I always use the best judgement before making any moves. Same goes for Mastering, altough this requires major patience and concentration; which is what i do best. In Mixing I put myself into the song/movie and work it like it was my own. And speaking of my own, I get very creative with Sound Design, capturing every aspect of sound is my goal, bringing soothing music to ones ears is an accomplishment.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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