William Powell

Brooklyn, New York


About Me

My name is William Powell and I am currently a 2nd AC in IATSE 600. My love for cinema started as a kid, making home movies with my friends and being fascinated by "behind the scenes" featurettes. In 2007 I started my collegiate studies at the University of South Carolina as Media Arts student, and graduated in 2011. My career started quickly as I found work as a production assistant on commercials and films in Charlotte, NC. My fascination with cameras led me to become a camera assistant and finally join IATSE 600 in 2016. I've recently started a new chapter of my life in New York City, where I hope to continue to flourish and tell more great stories.

I have been in the industry since 2011.


2nd AC (2nd Unit) – Iron Fist Season 2, Episode 1

December, 2017 — December, 2017
Television – Marvel/Netflix

2nd AC – Hearts Beat Loud

August, 2017 — September, 2017
Feature – Burn Later Productions

2nd AC – Unfollow The Rules

July, 2017 — July, 2017
Feature – Pretty Matches Productions

2nd AC (Dayplayer) – I Love You Daddy

June, 2017 — June, 2017
Feature – Louis C.K.

2nd AC (Dayplayer) – American Animals

February, 2017 — March, 2017
Feature – The Heist LLC

2nd AC – Outcast Season 2

September, 2016 — November, 2016
Television – Cinemax/Fox International

2nd AC – Shots Fired

March, 2016 — July, 2016
Television – Fox

Digital Utility (2nd Unit) – Max

May, 2014 — July, 2014
Feature – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Video Assist – Captive

October, 2013 — November, 2013
Feature – BN Films

Digital Utility – Careful What You Wish For

June, 2013 — July, 2013
Feature – Crescent City Pictures

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