Edgar Sanchez

Panorama City, California


About Me

Ohr Hatorah-Los Angeles, CA [Live Production]
May 2011-August 2012
• Job Title: Live Sound Mixer/Sound Tech/Video Tech/Lighting Operator/Live Stream Operations
• Console: Mackie Onyx 32 channel analog live mixer
• Hardware: MacBook Pro/Samsung 23” Monitor/JBL LSR Powered Studio Monitors/JBL 500series Powered Monitors/Degidesign 003/LEXICON MX200 Effects Processor/Berringer Ultragain Pro-8 ADA8000/Yamaha BR12M Monitors/LiveWire DI’s
• Software: Pro Tools 9/Audacity/Ustream Pro/imovie/idvd
• Microphones: Sennheiser e609/Neumann KMS 104/Shure SM58/Shure PGX SM58 Wireless/Shure Super55
• Video: Sony HTV HDR-FX1000 HDV/DV Video Camera
• Lighting: Elation Pro Lighting Design-Spot/4. Controlled on a HP Touch Screen Computer w/Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The Wilshire Ebell Theatre- Los Angeles, CA [Special Live Events and Concerts] When Scheduled By Ohr Hatorah
• Job Title: Stagehand/Front Of House Mixer/Live Stream and Video Operations
• All of their big production events are held here. We use our own equipment that I tare down from our building, load up and take to the theatre were I set up, work with the production stage manager and do sound, equipment, hardware and software checks.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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