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A friend once told me, "[A]ll of man is born to create. Now, I know this is true from making breakfast to writing emails, to innovating this planet with new technologies to the release of thoughts or feelings of any kind. I didn't always believe this truth. I didn't always feel destined to create and awfully some never realizes it's phenomenon.

I was 18, a freshmen at Queens College "destined" to be an accountant. The reason: to be the hidden driving force of a companies finances. On a sunny Fall day I was skating the smooth grounds of Bronx Science with my best friend, Blair Kerr. I sat down panting from a few mediocre attempts to perfect my tricks. "Man I don't want to studying accounting, it sucks." The words ready for release, like a bullet from a gun, blurted out my inner struggle. Until today, it still echo's in my head like screaming in a hollow cave. Blair, who at the time attended Pratt MWP for Illustration, asked me, "why?" The half truth was that I didn't know why.

"What is it you wanna do?" I sat there, as he prompted for an answer, pondering the same thoughts I've been wrestling with for months. I told him recent joy of writing Poetry and my enthusiasm to edit the videos of us skating, recorded on a 3mp camera phone but we didn't care. It was fun.

For thirty minutes we spoke about my fears and he reassured me "[A]ll of man is born to create." The thought inspired a phrase to keep dear to myself; there are only two things you can trust in this world: your mind and your heart. I stood up and skated the thought of transferring to a Film Program like a gorgeous women running amuck in an impressionable young man's head.

Three years later, a storyteller and cinephile, I attend Hunter College for Film and Creative Writing but not until January of 2011 did I finally know for certain my future. To be the best human I can be while listening to my heart desire for my stories to resonate in their audience's mind but to also challenge our human condition. As I attempt in everyday possible to push forward with the start of my production company, AnInDangerSpecies, I think about what Blair said to be, " All of man is born to create."

I have been in the industry since 2009.

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