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Los Osos, California


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Baywood Tracks specializes in audio for video production and field recording services. We'll take care of all the audio allowing the video team to focus on picture production. We also offer event services including multi-camera video, sound systems, wireless mic's, AV services (projectors &'screens) and editing/post production.
Our location gear includes:
Sound Devices 302, 702T, 744T,
Sanken CS 3E, COS 11D
Sennheiser 416
Schoeps CMC641
(2) Audix SCX1 w/cardioid & hyper cardioid capsules
(5) Lectrosonics wireless SMQV & UCR411a
Sennheiser G3
(2) Rode wireless systems
Multiple lav's - Lectrosonics, Rode, Sennheiser, Audio Technica
Shure FP33 field mixer
(4) Shure handheld & lav wireless systems
16 channel audio mixer
(3) Sony EX1 video cameras
Sony FS7 video camera
(3) Atomos Samurai external recorders
Atomos Shogun Flame
Tripods, lighting kits, C Stands, cabling, boom poles, blimp systems, deadcats, Tascam & Zoom field recorders, Orca bags,
Our studio includes a variety of NLE platforms and multiple video tape deck formats with full compliment of digital and analog audio gear available for post production.

We have been in the industry since 1986.


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Sanken COS 11D Sound Devices 744T Lectrosonics Sony XDCAM and Canon HDV cameras Avid Media Composer, Adobe CC, FCPX, FCP7 Schoeps cmc641 Sennheiser mkh416 Sanken cs3e Audix scx1 Sound Devices 702T field recorder Sound Devices 301 field mixer Digital Betacam deck 1 inch video deck (Sony BVH-3100) Umatic SP deck Sony HD CRT video monitor Teranex processor (upconvert, noise reduction, aspect control) Digital Performer DAW Otari MTR-90 III - 2 inch 24 track analog with Dolby xp noise reduction Otari MTR-10 1/4 Waves audio plug in's (most of their catalog) Genelc 1031A monitor speakers Avatone monotor speakers Sony MXP-3036 mixing desk 25+ studio microphones (all styles & types) Full compliment of outboard audio processors Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Adobe Audtion