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Kyle has been working in Film Production for ten years. He is a Shooter/Director/Editor, comfortable completing a project on his own, or as part of a larger team. He enjoys all aspects and roles in film making, but especially enjoys the collaboration that it comes with. He truly believes when people with passion and vision, operating at their highest potential, come together, magic happens! During his time as a founding member, and Head of Production at Quarter Orange, he Produced and Directed commercials, music videos, and corporate videos.

As a freelance film worker he currently focuses on Directing, Shooting, Editing and Photography.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

Bluer Denim
Added on 5/13/2015
This video was produced for Bluer Denim by Epipheo. It was shot in Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR and Battleground, WA over the course of three days.

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