About Me

Since she was 10-years old, Renata has been fascinated by the way make-up can transform a woman’s face. Her passion and talent was evidenced in her European childhood as she crafted such transformations on a daily basis for the women in her neighborhood. Through this early commitment, she demonstrated the sort of artistry and eye for detail that became the building blocks of a successful career in the United States. Her intuitive use of color, mastery of technique and ability to tap into the needs of both the client and the production has distinguished her as a team player and invaluable asset on music videos,commercials and photo shoots.

Whether accentuating one’s natural beauty or creating more dramatic and character-specific looks, Renata brings her creativity, inimitable enthusiasm and cooperative spirit to each and every job. She believes make-up is a powerful mode of expression and is truly grateful to participate in a process which not only celebrates the inner and outer beauty of the individual, but honors a greater artistic vision.

Work with Renata Rensky

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