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Professional Actress Founder of Rebel Yell Productions . Born and raised in Portland Oregon. Lived in over States. mother to an amazing son, Jonah Jr. Meade, wife of very talented hot rod and MC fabricator builder designer. builds bikes for ICON Motor sports in Stump town Portland Oregon. married for 6 plus years. Niece of Hollywood actor Victor French, know for playing Mr. Edwards on Little House on the prairie, highway to Heaven, Bonanza. First film in Lassy. mostly plays the role of the villain in indie feature films here in Portland Oregon. well known in the Portland film community. Had been in 20 films so far. Both leading and all the die to back ground work. tried out being a stand in. In the summer of 2015 aS Krista Allen's Stand-in in the CW networks newest sit on "Significant Mother" Most episodes you can see Kristin in the back ground in bar scenes, in the park even a patient at a gyno office appointment. it at an Art gallery/winery on the Denise Richards episode.

I have been in the industry since 2005.

Harvest Zombile Feature Trailer
Added on 5/26/2013
Old School Zombie thriller-horror feature dark and Moody Productions directed by Chis Jayawardena 2013


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