Wes Cliff Martin Turner

Douglasville, Georgia

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I am a recent Graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta. I received my Major in Digital Filmmaking and Video Productions. I will, one day, write, direct, and produce films that inspire and entertain viewers on a memorable scale. I know to obtain these great opportunities comes great dedication. I am very passionate about film and long to be a part of something big...something that has the potential to move and inspire others. I'd be honored for the opportunity to learn and grow in the film industry while mastering the craft of my very unique writing and exquisite visual creativity. I am a quick learner and value constructive criticism from the views of peers and professionals. As a new film school graduate, I'm hoping for the opportunity to assist professionals in the film industry, while absorbing all great knowledge available. I am extremely driven, ambitious and will do what it takes to learn and grow in the art of filmmaking. I am very respectful and polite and have the talent to adapt to all types of atmospheres and personalities...as I love people! I will work hard and vigorously for everything I will accomplish, as well as the overall success of the team at any given task. I am seeking the opportunity to jump start my career in the exciting and creative film industry.

I have been in the industry since 2009.

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