Gustavo Villalonga

Atlanta, Georgia

About Me

My professional career began in 1999 when I produced, shooted and edited a political talk show that was aired at my city’s Cablevision station.
That first project gave me a good knowledge of all areas and factors involved in an audiovisual production. After that first experience I was able to start my career as a freelance video editor while I kept studying to increase my knowledge.
In 2006 with knowledge of Multimedia and Web Design I worked at "Medcenter Solutions" in Buenos Aires, where my tasks were not only video editing but also consisted of doing html pages, working with databases and image retouching.
In 2007 I was in charge of web and video for the newspaper "24 Hours Newspaper" in New York city. I also started working as a freelance Web designer for "Graphic Vision Design & Photo Studio" of Fort Lauderdale.
In 2008 I began working as Chief Editor for "RockMeTV.com", where I was responsible for live editing of shows, editing all recorded interviews and uploading the final material to the website. At the same time I started working as a Motion Graphics Artist for "Good For You Productions" in New York and "Centropa" (www.centropa.org) in Austria.
Because of the experience acquired during these years, in 2011 I was contacted by the company "UpscaleRecording" to be the editor of their music videos.

My educational background in Video Production and Multimedia let me manage all the involved aspects in the audiovisual production field and let me understand how to combine them with new technologies to achieve a final product according to today’s high standards to accomplish the desired goals.

I have been in the industry since 1999.

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