Manoj Purushothaman

Cumming, Georgia


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I am MANOj, an Atlanta based DOCUMENTARY film maker.

I have some work lined up in the neighboring states for next 6 months.
I am looking for an assistant (COMPATIBLE, MALE) to tour with me.
If you have some experience in video production/ story telling and a car you can spare for the trip (for the two of us) I am commit ed to make it worthwhile for you as much as for me. All I can promise is real documentary work (shoot/ plan/ research/ interview/ post production/ audio/ marketing...), intellectually stimulating conversations, creative, and inspiring exchange of ideas, and fun and exciting times together. Well I am hoping to make money and maybe I can offer to part with some of it, depending upon how it goes. Be willing to be a good listener( like me ) and bring all the stories you know, to the table.

As a storyteller predominantly using visual media, am drawn to the way life interrupts sunshine and emerges itself from the inherent darkness. It is not a surprise that my visual sensibility is lenient towards making the most of ambient light and is rooted in my keen observations befitting to a documentary-style honesty and purposefulness. I find that the most common story thread is that of survival, as in the end, we are all stories that surpass us.

You could watch my portfolios here:
'sepiastory' is my website.

I have been in the industry since 2006.

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