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Brian Ward.... Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars & Keys,
Exceptionally gifted at playing lead guitar, he could easily take the stage next to any of the industries best in rock. Wards playing abilities border on the insane, thus his childhood nickname Brian "Psycho" Ward has appropriately stuck with him and shows that this guitarist will masterfully play licks, where others can't or won't, and it doesn't stop there.......... Having a wireless guitar and a nickname of "Psycho" it's no wonder the follow-spot tech gets paid extra! Brian will leave the lights of the stage while playing and walk amongst the wide-eyed and admiring crowd giving them an up close and personal view at what lead guitar slaying is all about. This kind of personal attention creates long-term memories for crowd-goers and keeps them coming back with a fierce loyalty. Pumped up fans and audiences look forward with anticipation to seeing Brian perform and love being a part of the extreme energy.

Very versitle musician, Full understanding of music theory & chart reading, also keyboard
& vocal abilities, playing 'live' in clubs, bars, and events steadily since the
age of 15, with plenty of recording experience through the years as well.
Steadily playing on the road, touring 18 states throughout the country for years, with great stage presence, and motivation. Playing all types of
music from country to heavy metal, and anything in between. Influenced by
everything ever heard, with plenty of original music, mostly in the vain
of pop to rock, & instrumental.

Past experiences include, (consistant working musician, 1986- present) credits include, Jd Jam Management, Milam Music Group, M-pac Talent Agency, Sight & Sound Agency, Dagen Ent., Dirkopp Ent., John Dote'

Opening slots for such artist's as,
Dokken, L.A. Guns, Charlie Daniels, Dwight Yoakam, Steve Holy, Neil
McCoy & Kevin Fowler, Bang Tango.

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