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Video Craft wants to partner with quality companies and organizations who share a common vision to develop creative, innovative and effective multimedia content. We build long lasting relationships with our clients by earning their trust through consistent performance and successful results. Everything we do is fueled by a passion to be creative!

"I want to provide clients with videos that won’t bore their audiences to death… to develop fresh ideas and clever scripts… and to produce videos that don’t look like everyone else’s. I believe that a bag of tricks in post production shouldn’t take the place of creative and interesting cinematography, or technically sound field production efforts. I also want your experience during the production process to be fun and rewarding, and I’ll strive to make you feel as if you’re my only client. And in the end, I want you to be blown away by the final product so you and your organization will be successful and come back for more. Catch the PURE PASSION that I share for video content creation!" - Scott Gray, President/CEO

We have been in the industry since 1986.

"I Still Carry You" - Alathea
Added on 7/29/2015

How could a simple pillow become such a treasured gift? The answer lies in the value of something so readily available to most, but a rare "luxury" for children and families who live in extreme…

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