John Bartelt

Fountain Valley, California


About Me

I am the Marketing Media Producer for Integrated Environmental Solutions in Winston-Salem NC. I am also the editor for the ATMC-TV show unDISCOVERED.

I specialize in Motion Graphics, Animation, and Editing. When it comes to software I'm familiar with nearly all the professional standard workflows, but I prefer using Cinema 4D and After Effects for most projects.

I'm a Film / Digital Arts graduate from UNC Wilmington, and last year I worked and studied in Sweden for 6 months. I'm also experienced in Graphic Design and Camera Operation (especially 5D/7D package). When it comes to editing and anything visual I'm a bit of an obsessive perfectionist, but I pride myself on the ability to edit projects together on time with unreasonably short deadlines. I like making my clients happy, and I know how to work in a group, large or small. But perhaps most importantly, I make sure not to forget that I don't know everything, and that way I'm constantly learning.

I'm looking for new work opportunities, so don't be afraid to contact me by phone or email.

I have been in the industry since 2009.

SonicAire Animation
Added on 4/20/2012

Made for Integrated Environmental Solutions, Winston-Salem NC Demonstrates the technology behind the SonicAire fans that IES produces. This video is used for online marketing as well as at trade…

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