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TV Host. Actress. Comedian. Filmmaker.
www.KaraMiller.com / reel 6000+ Twitter followers @KaraKJMiller
TV Host. Actress. Comedian. Filmmaker.
Kara is a versatile TV host (interviewed directors, authors, actors, victims of domestic abuse, homeless people etc.). She’s an Oxford grad with an improv & comedy background.

WHAT’S HAPPENING? (Comedy Pilot) Co-Star, Dir: Neal Brennan, 51 Minds Entertainment
UNTITLED (2012), Guest Star, Channel: Syfy

ARMIES OF THE DEAD (2012 pilot), Producers: Hugh Daly / Faz Brahimi
HIGH MAINTENANCE WIVES, Whizzkid Entertainment (UK); VOLUNTEERING NIGHT (LIVE TV) Sky 539 (UK), IT’S ALL ABOUT U Sky 539(UK); TRAILBLAZERS Host / Producer Sky 539 (UK)
50 FILMS TO SEE BEFORE YOU DIE, Film Critic / Expert - Channel 4 (UK)

ADVANCED STAND UP COMEDY - Greg Dean; IMPROV - John Thies, Hothouse Improv; IMPROV - Dave Hill, Improv Olympic (IO);
TV HOSTING -Maureen Browne, Initiative Talent Group;
TV HOSTING - Marki Costello, CMEG; ACCENT COACHING - Claudette Roche; MEISNER TECHNIQUE - Tom Radcliffe, Actor’s Temple, London;
COMMERCIALS CLASSES – Hal Masonberg, Mike Pointer; BA, JURISPRUDENCE (Law) - University of Oxford

Kara Miller's TV Host Reel
Added on 4/2/2012
Kara Miller's TV Host Reel

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