Taylor Soppe

Seattle, Washington

About Me

I shoot, edit, direct and produce. I'm always looking for opportunities to hop onto projects with new teams and value opportunities to continually learn and grow. On set, I love to dive in and help out in any way I can and consider myself really positive and resourceful.

MY BACKGROUND: I am a storyteller and always have been. Before I’d learned cursive, I was orchestrating elaborate playground productions. After I’d learned cursive (and a few other things too), I studied journalism and film at Northwestern University.

My first real job was at Forbes magazine, making videos about startups and technology. I was (and still am) fascinated by the driven and passionate entrepreneurs building products to enrich our lives and better our world. Ultimately, I realized I was more interested in crafting beautiful stories than in getting the scoop. I wanted to make videos for startups rather than about them.

And so I started Ampersand Video. Ampersand is a video production company that makes web videos for startups and nonprofits. We’re all about creating content that is fun to watch and fun to make.

WHAT DRIVES ME: I’m tantalized by sculpting story arcs and by capturing breathtaking imagery. I aim to create videos that excite and inspire and tickle the imagination. Videos that move people. My mission is to live and work mindfully and artfully and to continually grow as a creator (and as a human).

I have been in the industry since 2012.

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