Alexanderson Bolano

San Francisco, California


About Me

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Motion Pictures and Television. I have four years of experience in the film industry, being part of over 25 film projects including short films, music videos, commercials, and stage plays. Good film-making for me is about how much passion, dedication and hard work goes into your work. It is about who you are as a person and the projects that you want to be a part of. Each project that you are a part of becomes a piece of you, so why not do only the best you can. Some of the projects that I've worked on have been shown at film festivals, such as Seattle Int' and TV Int'. Currently, I'm working on two films for this year's run. My ultimate goal is to be a working producer and to have my own studio and international distribution house. "Each story is a life, and each life has its own story. Let's find ours"

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