Ty Hardman

Brooklyn, New York

About Me

My name is Ty Hardman and I am a Class of 2008 graduate from Expression College, where I received a Bachelors of Applied Science in Sound. I have been involved with audio production for many years previous however, as I learned how to track and mix my own music when I was a teenager. Since graduation, Ive worked with a many various productions and studios dealing with producing, tracking, mixing, film editing, post, web design/graphics, and have been instrumental to helping artists and bands create and discover their own unique sound, image, and marketing strategy. Currently I am freelance with a live sound company, a small production team, and a music studio in the New York Area, but am looking to expand my horizons and continue my experience in the production field, by taking on more creative employment. Previous employers have described me as easy going, positive, motivated, a fast learner, fast results, with excellent troubleshooting and communication skills. Ive seen many days that begged for patience, organization, technical and artistic creativity, as well the ability to communicate properly, while balancing the pressure. Over the years I’ve learned much about the industry, and honing my craft has allowed me to actualize my talent and passion to a point of complete confidence.

I believe my experience, passion, and talent for audio production along with my positive vibe and understanding of artist/client relations is what made me successful and happy in recent years. I believe in balance and have been noted as being proficient in bridging the duality of the technical and the artistic. I know I will be invaluable and most productive in a progressive and successful environment.

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