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Vancouver, British Columbia

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John Banovich, DGC, CSC, BA Film a seasoned, award winning director & cinematographer with several successful feature films, including the 2017 Brazil int'l Film Festival & 2016 New York Cinema Film Festival "Best Director" for Stolen Path. He recently completed directing/producing a 1 hour wildlife documentary series receiving a 2017 Leo Award. John also has extensive experience in television series, documentaries and reality TV.

What makes him an excellent story teller is his qualifications as an experienced actor & many years as a cinematographer, followed by his understanding of budgets and schedules. Even more so is his ability to execute words off the script from a vision to a believable and tangible performance.

My equipment list includes
- Sony F55 4K production package
- Arri Alexa SXT
- LENSES: Canon 50-1000mm + 600mm + 500mm + 70-200mm + 18-50mm + 11-16mm + standard prime lens package
- Sony A7S MKii
- Canon 5D MKIII + Sony FDR-A1000v 4K Actioncam + various GoPro
- Gearnex gear head
- O'Connor 2575 head & Ronford (Mitchel) standard + baby tripod + HiHat
- Satchler 15SB (100mm) standard & baby tripod
- Heavy hauler Kaiser Jib + Atlas Slider
- DJI Inspire 2 drone
- DJI Mavic Pro drone

Work Samples & additional information:

I have been in the industry since 1991.

2015 (Spring/Summer) Wildlife Sample reel
Added on 1/22/2016
My latest wildlife sample reel containing my best material from 2015 across Canada shoots completely shot in 4K with the Sony F55, Sony A7s & Odyssey 7Q+ as well as the Inspire 1 with X3 & X5 cameras. I functioned as the Producer, Director and Cinematographer (Self Shooting Producer/Director), responsible for most of the initial concept development, production budgets, partnership and location agreements, crew, equipment, transportation and all expenses on the road as well as most of the field research.

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