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Raconteur makes 3D animations and renderings that enable our clients to reach high-level decision makers and land big contracts for their startup or company. They have helped our clients land $10's of millions in funding in c-suite meetings, VC and angel pitches, trade shows, presentations, and more. Our favorite people to work with are creating robotics, logistics, automation, AI, aerospace, solar, biotech, nanotech and other breakthrough technologies.

Some of our customers include Meta Connectivity, ULC Robotics, FESTO, Seurat Technologies and others.

"Our client used the animation in presentations to stakeholders. The video helped facilitate the conversation and address concerns about the robotic system since they were able to pause and discuss specific areas of operation. We’ve also used the animation internally to explain the system to our team."
Jon Kuriloff -- R&D Project Manager, ULC Robotics

"Completely blown away. I've worked with creatives for 18 years and have never seen anyone pick up a vision and deliver on-target results as quickly and efficiently as Joe."
-Shea Gerhardt, Founder/CEO, Buderflys Technologies

We have been in the industry since 2014.

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