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My name is Cory Morr and I'm 27 going on 28 in Naples FL. I had my ups and downs. I look for part-time or full-time regular work to make a paycheck because I'm writing a very important new superhero novel for Summer 2012. I'm can facilitate and adapt different functions capable of doing multiple things at the same times. Which means I'm versatile. I can act, fight, dance, perform using unique tools designed make my performance genuine. I can make concrete choice that are obvious coordinating with dynamic movement, scene study, vocal production, accent articulation and incredible scene study techniques that applies emphasis. Now to validate I'm very poor with little or no money. I have the tools, the talent, and the special gifts in the entertainment industry, but I don't have a good agent or manager for coaching me. Or steering me in the right direction. Can someone help me please? I want to go the distance. I did 12 plays in total. 1 TV job in New York City, but I've dismounted from my horse and need to get back into action into the theatre, TV, film, voice commercial and print. I have a college degree. Minimum and associates, but I need some model of guidance to train me thoroughly more exceptional. I have a resume, I'm 5'8, black hair, 165 lbs, personable, courteous, polite, energetic, mature, communication skills, good listener, energetic, compassionate, sincere, determined and education. I apply effort and steer the vehicle it does not pull my emergency break. Acting is all I have in my heart and to waste it would be an intolerable disposal of talent of life that I believe we all have not born with dramatically

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