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Tayo Jacob is the executive producer and founder of Nu Music Group - a full service music production company and recording studio, located in downtown Toronto.

Our first language is sound, so whether you’re an aspiring recording artist or a corporate client, our evocative approach will help your audience feel what you’re trying to say.

Being artists ourselves, we understand the creative process from your perspective as well as the perspective of the recording engineer. We know that too many producers make you fit your song into their production, when they should be creating an instrumental that enhances the amazing song that you wrote. It should be about YOU not them.

Your music will be recorded using the industry’s best software (Universal Audio, Spectrasonics, Soundtoys and much more) and hardware (API and Neve) to ensure that you get access to the same tools as your favourite recording artists.

We’re all too familiar with rejection, being misled and feeling alone in our efforts. It doesn’t need to be this way.

Let us be your Nu home.

Email - tayo@numusicgroup.com
Tel - +1 416.723.7035
Website - https://numusicgroup.com

I have been in the industry since 2013.

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