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832 NW 67th Ste 6
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116


About Us

Established in 1975, Jack Mills Productions captures still and motion images of food that are virtually good enough to eat. Jack’s photographs tantalize the senses with the essence of refreshing beverages and delicious entrees. Commanding light and focus -- as other artists use pigment and brush -- Jack makes irresistible culinary photos for clients who’ve made their reputations creating delicious food.

While rendering images of food and beverages is his specialty, Jack is also widely respected for his mastery of light, film and digital images in striking architectural work and tasteful cinematography. With full-service studios in Oklahoma City and Dallas, Texas, Jack offers clients the convenience of conducting their business away from the office in the location of their choice. His well-appointed kitchens and talented food stylists provide optimum professional results for the most demanding assignments.

We have been in the industry since 1975.

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