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I take this line of work seriously (and passionately) but it is a side gig for me. I research new methods daily and have the capacity for this type of work. I have no pretense of being a seasoned veteran but my attention to detail and love for the work speaks volumes. I do on-site video and audio recording and post production to final medium on Premiere Pro for the most part. Most of my experience is filming live music but I have done conference recordings and even live web cast and still photo shoots. Also I do sound engineering for live shows. If the money is right I have an associate with enough high end recoding and PA systems for a 12 piece band. I have a few men as crews hands at my disposal as well. My audio equipment is mid to high grade and the video cameras are mid grade (MP4 1080p, AVCHD MTS 1080p; 3 main cams are Canon HF G10’s and some smaller action cams for tight shots). Some lighting equipment also and an 31 foot old ugly Class A motor home that we have used on location as a base camp for operations. Drop me a line and lets create something for the masses!

We have been in the industry since 2010.

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