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I currently seek a challenging position in the Production and Post Production industries, while continuing to develop my skills as both an Audio Editor and Digital Media Operator. As a freelance producer, editor and engineer, I continue to expand my production talent and experience, while staying informed of current technological developments in all aspects of Digital Media Operations.
I am experienced in the principles of sound and digital media, including virtually all aspects of live and studio recording, as well as Capture and Ingest of media elements. I am well versed in most areas of audio, digital media operations and asset management, including the basic principles of the audio recording process, in-depth study of signal flow,Digital Rapids,Transcode content with Rhozet Carbon Coder, sound design, mixing and overdubbing, dynamics processing, surround sound recording and mixing, ADR, SFX, Foley, Dolby E 5.1/2.0 audio conform and layback, audio laydowns, FTP file transfer, advanced commercial recording and production techniques from the linear analog realm to the nonlinear digital perspective. I currently freelance as a producer, Final Cut Pro editor, sound mixer, recordist, as I continue to attend professional recording, video editing and audio & effects mixing clinics to help sharpen my technical and practical skills as a professional audio operator and recording engineer. I also pride myself on having keen ears, hearing, and critical listening skills, as well as guarantee successful execution, quality assurance and professionalism with every project and production.
I am very familiar with Protools and other non-linear editing software, as well as Final Cut Pro, and FTP file transfer systems such as Smart Jog, Fetch, Aspera, and Cineshare+. I am also experienced with the audio layback of music & effects and foreign language, Dolby E encoding, AC3 encoding, Encode media elements with Digital rapids, and Tandberg Encoder,Capture and ingest media elements with Harris Media Clients for broadcast, as well as most digital audio equipment and formats including: DAT, DA-88, CD, DVD, Dolby Media Meter, Dolby encoders, Dolby decoders, and AC3. I am very functional with most analog and digital video equipment, video standards, and both HD & SD video formats including: VHS, SVHS, 3⁄4”, 1”, Betacam-SP, Digital Betacam, D-1, D-2, D-5, HDCAM, and HDCAMSR. I am also very experienced in all aspects of the audio recording process (from set-up to tear-down), and have hands-on experience.

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