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I've been working as a professional Chicago based sound mixer since 2007. I've recorded many kinds of sounds within many kinds of environments - from your basic sit-down type interview, to dialog for a one-take action film shot on the streets of Chicago - yes, in one continuous take; from wild sounds of hippos and dancing tribes in Africa to school children singing in Fiji. I own all my gear and i am available for your sonic needs anywhere, anytime.

I have been in the industry since 2007.

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Location Sound Mixer – "Innocent" , feature film shot in one take, starring Alexa Vega
Feature – Aram Rappaport, writer/director
Sound Playback – Jeff Tweedy "Low Key", directed by Nick Offerman
Music Video – Odd Machine
Location Sound Mixer, Interrotron Setup – Comcast, directed by Errol Morris
Commercial – Comcast
Location Sound Mixer – Rotary - Europe, Africa, Australia, Fiji, Mexico, US
Corporate – Rotary International
BTS Location Sound Mixer – Camel - Spain, Morocco
Corporate – Camel
BTS Location Sound Mixer – Behind the Scenes on the sets of "Candyman 2020" and "Lovecraft Country"
Online – HBO, Monkeypaw Productions

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