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Assistant Editor: media management, audio consolidations, renders, AVID & AVID Unity experienced.
Head / Lead Utility: cable management. truck utility. camera tech. video tech. audio tech. Thru this position I gain access to everyone's systems for connections, testing, and troubleshooting.

Video Technician: I oversee projects involving video distribution. Assembly of Distribution Amplifiers with infinite I/O. Router Control with some experience in programming. Switcher setup with some programming experience. Along with this position I will assist in camera positioning and settings.

Audio Technician: I oversee projects involving audio distribution. Assembly of Distribution Amplifiers with infinite I/O capabilities. Intercom setup with RF capabilities. IFB and ENG package setups. Including transmitter and receiver programming and setup. Audio Consul testing. Also build custom audio suites with consoles and Voice Over Booths

Shop Technician: In various companies I manage the assembly of various flight packs. Including but not limited to Audio and Video control, distribution, and conversion. I will custom make any and all cables depending on the needs of the show. All systems will have switching and routing capabilities. The sky is the limit. Each rack can be custom wired to the client’s specific needs. We use a combination of pre-made and custom made cables and rack mount connectors.
I am very familiar with multi channeled connectors, I assemble them from scratch regularly.: Whirlwind series W-1 - W-6 ; EDAC/ELCO; Ramtech / Ramlatch; DT-12; Fiber Optics; Socko; Power -Twistlock; D-Subs 9 pin - 50 pin...

Camera Tech: I run camera crews regularly. Anything from a single camera studio shoot to a live broadcast event with over 2 dozen cameras. I've been involved with shows that have over 150 robotic cameras needing to be wired into master control. And I have also assisted in the assembly of state of the art motion capture facilities. Within this position, I assist the Engineer In Charge, Director, Lighting Director, & Technical Director into matching all cameras through various lighting and environment situations, including infrared.

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