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Dearborn, Michigan

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E. Alan Contino is celebrating his 20th year as a professional motion picture and television engineer. The past decades in the entertainment industry started off as a secondary career to Electrical Engineering but have transpired into the primary focus as a specialist in Stereoscopic, Motion Capture, Visual Effects and Post-Production technologies.

Working on various research and development projects along with SMPTE, IEEE, and AES, becoming head of research for the Virtual Theatricality Laboratory was a natural fit. The VTL special projects for live stage production have allowed Alan a high level of development and education in multi-system integration for Visual Effects technologies.

Alan is currently working with the Delirium Films partnership as a Senior Partner and Studio Engineer while taking on part time freelance work in Visual Effects, Virtual Theatricality and Motion Capture productions.

Sterescopic motion picture production and live stereoscopic stage production. Arri 35mm/16mm, REDcam, GripTruck, MoleRichards Lighting packages, Arri Lighting, VFX Coordinator/Supervisor. Post-Production HD 4:4:4 Editing, REDcam 4k/2k Editing. Motion Capture Production: Vicon Optical / MotionStar Magnetic, Sign Language Capture, Gaming Capture, Performance Capture. Integrated CGI, Green Screen Production.

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