Tom Livings

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Chicago, Illinois


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3d animation / post-production artist. Have my own small studio in downtown Chicago.
Max/Vray/FumeFX/Realflow (3d, realism, fire/smoke, fluids. Good with cars.
I own an Artec MHT 3d scanner (scan your cast for VFX etc)
I own a Spheron HDRI camera (light/environment capture for photoreal VFX)
Im looking to get my feet wet with a local crew.
Just no horror or gore/guts movies thanks.
Obviously open to commercial offers, maybe free for the right project.

I have been in the industry since 2006.


3 x workstations 10 x render farm Spheron HDRI camera (on-set light capture for 3d) 3d scanner (Artec MHT - digitize people for VFX!)