About Me

In the 15 years I’ve worked in the film industry I’ve become uniquely positioned in a way that few ever achieve. First, as an actor, I gained perspective toward the dynamic required to work in front of the camera. This experience led me to my true passion of working behind the camera. Next, as an editor and VFX specialist, I’ve been instrumental in the development of multiple big named tv and movie projects, however, my ambition will not let me stop there. My endless thirst for knowledge and perspective has positioned me to follow my long desired calling as a film director. Over the years I’ve gained valuable experience working with actors and collaborating with talented production crews. My complete working knowledge of all aspects of the creative process has given me a unique perspective as a director that is unparalleled in the film industry.

I have been in the industry since 2012.


Director – Body of Water

July, 2021 — January, 2022
Music Video – Hot Mondy

Director – Vampire

March, 2021 — October, 2021
Music Video – Hot Mondy

Director – Desert Moonlight

March, 2021 — September, 2021
Music Video – Hot Mondy

Director – Pale Ember

March, 2021 — July, 2021
Music Video – Hot Mondy

Director – Diamondboxx

July, 2020 — November, 2020
Commercial – Diamondboxx

Work with Brad Tobler

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