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Huntington Beach, California


About Me

Passion and talent make Anthony a threat on multiple fronts. The label, "producer" is inherent when you write, direct, and cut your own projects. Anthony does it all himself, but would prefer to partner with a producer to focus on story telling.

Anthony is also a combat vet, comfortable leading and making decisions, and used to working in a team. In early 2011, Anthony transitioned from senior military leader to filmmaker, a 23-year culmination of school house prep, independent study, and intense leadership experience.

His screenplay, "OP Winchester", was immediately optioned upon leaving the military. He continues to helm production of a YouTube outdoor adventure series, on the TSF Channel, while forging into narrative with a slate of short films and music videos.

Anthony founded TSF Films/ACEntertainment, as an interim brand from which to launch spec projects. He is an active member of the Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire, a founding partner of the Inland Empire Film Group, and a member of OC Screenwriters.

Anthony looks to forge relationships with like-minded people, who wish to add to the lexicon of pop-culture.

American Expedition
Added on 3/27/2012
Spec TV show trailer. A combat veteran with PTSD rediscovers himself through the American outback. Reality-Adventure, Gear, Bushcraft, History. Cut from several Ray Mears series from the BBC, with original combat footage taken by me, the point of the show is to let go of one's self in the face of Nature. Nature is the great equalizer. Veterans suffering from the after effects of combat may find solace in the unrelenting, grandiose majesty of Nature.

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