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Gunnar Spardel has been writing, performing and engineering music for over ten years. Over the last 5 years he has been composing for Film and Television.

Residing between USA and Germany, Gunnar made his film-scoring debut with the film "Adrenaline", a short suspense thriller about the outbreak of an epedemic. He contributed music to a chinese short film "Sheng ge Nights " and composed music for artists from all over the world. A variety of Films followed: "Subs", "Dumar - The Rising " and "Dead Men ".

2009 turned out to be a busy year with the original release of "Dead Men" - a thriller described as " a bizarre cross of Reservoir Dogs, Evil Dead, Halloween and Clock Work Orange"; and "Sheng ge Nights " a chinese drama made up of the motivations, emotions and experiences of three very different individuals inside a nightclub of Shanghai.

Gunnar comes from the generation of film composers who hail from the world of electronic music. As the main composer for the succesful Amethyste and Tigerforest projects, he played synthesizers and keyboards. He also engineered and produced the recordings of these projects which are entirely manufactured and released through Amadea Records.

Gunnar Spardel is part of a new generation of film composers. His unique style of electronic and orchestral music creates the deepest atmosphere for a few mindblowing movies coming up in the future. The german born film score writer and music producer started his approach towards music in the early age of 12. His first choice of music was classical and he spent 5 years learning to play the piano and later on the keyboard in Hamburg / Germany. As time went by, Gunnar..s head started to get full of exotic musical ideas. Unfortunately he could not put his musical visions into reality because of the conservative values of the music school he went to. From that time on he built up his own music studio and through learning by doing he addapted several recording techniques very fast.

"Music is like an ocean. It's a huge ocean of ideas and you've got the chance to create big rivers out of that ocean or just little streams of water. It depends only on your visions, mentality, emotional situation and creativity."

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