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Psychsoftpc is a U.S. manufacturer of high performance Workstations, personal Supercomputers and Linux clusters for 3D character creation, 3D rendering, special effects and CGI for the film and television industries

Psychsoftpc is an artisanal computer company, so they hand craft all of their machines and subscribe to a Just In Time philosophy. They are constantly evolving their machines with the very latest technology and are often the first to put out machines that take advantage of the latest tech because they don't stock parts or pre-build machines which have to moved before they can use the most advanced technology in their machines. So while the other guys can take months to put out machines with the latest, fastest tech, the folks @Psychsoftpc can take days. Thomas Friedman in his book Thank You For Being Late says we must constantly adapt to rapid shifts in technology because of accelerating technological change, specifically the impact of Moore's Law and market forces which are linking the world more powerfully than ever before. Unlike the other guys out there, Psychsoftpc embraces this. They are constantly adapting and improving their machines. They don't release new model names, just improve the machines they build with the latest tech as it comes out.

We have been in the industry since 1987.

Psychsoftpc Professional Workstation Computers with NVidia Quadro Professional Workstation GPUs
Added on 8/2/2018
Create Magic From virtual race cars to video game characters to Virtual Reality videos you can do amazing things with NVidia Quadro Professional Workstation GPUs, Intel X Series CPUs & Psychsoftpc Professional Workstation Computers

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