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On-air self-promo video production for ProTV best Romanian private TV station. Production meaning concept, direct, shooting sessions, editing, post production.
My job could be split in four big steps of production process.
First step is to request to and supervise a copywriting team to get a concept and a screenplay according to the product I had to promote on video format. The products were TV shows (Dancing with the stars – Romania, Masterchef - Romania) TV campaigns, TV series, Movies, Commercials for third party clients.
Second step is supervising and direct work with the executive production team starting with raw materials ingest operators, art directors in charge of product identity, scenography artists, video shooting team (DOP, camera operators, light, sound, grip and props), performers (actors, dancers, stunts), direct the shooting session, supervise the video and audio format of materials, check the media management for a safely handling in order to avoid accidental loss of materials.
Third step is audio & video editing performed by me in most of the times in order to achieve the needed rhythm of video cut following the audio pattern.
The fourth step is the post production where the video product must be enriched with video and audio special effects, color grading, graphic information integrated on image and Voice Over. Here I simply insert final graphic packages already build or I have to work and supervise professional graphic and audio composer to develop a FX package according to the project. I give a color key for color grading as a direction for final color treatment made on dedicated hardware by professional color grading artists. I work with audio music producers to clean and treat voices and music to create a matching audio layer accordingly with the screenplay and desired mood following the concept.
Last step is encoding and deliver the material according to the media delivery channel (on air, web, events).
Media Pro Pictures
Movie trailers production.
Here I produce movie trailers together with the producers and PR managers of Romanian Movies. I find very attractive this job because the movie trailer has the meaning to attract peoples to the movie without revealing the real action. That’s way I consider this movie trailers art movies by themselves.
TV shows producer.
Produce 2 TV shows about News in The Movie Industry: ” Lumea ProCinema “ (“World of ProCinema”) and “Zoom’n’10”. Shows presents the world movies premiere by specific movie trailers or comments of actors, directors, producers or PR company representative.
My job was to get media raw materials from TV news feed, video & audio edit, graphic insert with information on the screen about the movie, actors, directors, producers, dates of premiere export and deliver to the playlist.

March 2012 MPS Reel
Added on 4/3/2012
Reel createted for the Mediapro Studios in Romania

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