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A video and scriptwriting boutique based in Tokyo, we focus on building videos based on interviews, extracting and refining the story rather than imposing our own script and shooting pre-planned, canned interviews. We work in Japanese and English and also produce the finest other-language versions of existing videos and documentaries. We have our narration recording studio and multi-bay 4K and HD Final Cut-based video-editing studio. We focus on corporate communications for Japanese companies needing outgoing communications and overseas companies needing incoming communications.

We have been in the industry since 1991.

SAI Promotional Video
Added on 8/13/2018
As Japan gears up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, more and more Japan-based multinationals are getting serious about their English-language based communications. And now more than ever, video is the way to capture attention globally. Why not team up with SAI on your next English-language video production? SAI has more than a quarter-century of experience creating world-ready English-language videos, and some of Japan’s leading corporations have come to trust us to provide quality efficiently. We can do the work you might have used 3-4 partners for until now: we write and translate scripts, cast voiceover artists, and direct and record in our own broadcast-quality studio. Since we provide a comprehensive, reliable service, it’s just easier to partner with SAI. In this one-minute video, meet SAI founder Duncan Macintyre to get a sense of the value SAI could add to your next production! Give us a try!

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