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Alhambra, California

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Work Experience
- 8 years working as a Producer, Cameraman, Video Editor, producing, filming, and editing commercials, infomercials, short films, documentaries, interviews, and music videos.
- 5 years working as a Producer, Video Editor and Cameraman at a TV station in Orange County, California producing, filming, editing and graphic design for talk shows, commercials, reality shows and documentaries.
- 3.5 years working with the U.S. Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve in creating and editing their combat training videos.

- B.A. Degree in Film at Art Center College of Design

NOTE: (Password for all videos are: makemovies)
1. Short Film - A girl regrets to marry her husband, for she is still in love with his brother. (Produced, written, directed, & edited.)

2. Narrative Trailer – The ‘300’ Story Told In 3 Minutes (Editing Demo)

3. Short Film - A Brother's Girlfriend Pursues His Brother (Produced, Written, Directed & Edited)

4. Reality Fashion TV Show Trailer (Edited)

5. Life After Death Documentary (Produced, Filmed & Edited)

6. Color Correction / Green Screen Demo (Produced, Filmed & Edited)

7. Interview with Film Director & Producer (Produced, Filmed & Edited)

8. 3D Graphics DVD Menu (Designed & Edited)

9. US Army National Guard Demo (Produced & Edited)
Can be viewed in person due to security issues.

I have been in the industry since 2004.

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