Katy Aderhold

Charlotte, North Carolina

About Me

I am a graduate of East Carolina University (May 2012) for Media Production.

I am a Storyteller for Silent Images, specializing in non-profits.

I am able to produce and finish a quality project from start to finish in efficient time.

I have experience with Adobe Premiere Pro.

I have been in the industry since 2013.

Present Age Ministries - Amber's Story
Added on 3/22/2017
Present Age Ministries is a non-profit committed to combatting the sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of teen girls. If you, or someone you know has experienced this abuse, we want you to know there is freedom from your past. To learn more, please visit presentageministries.org. To learn more about Silent Images, who produced this video, go to silentimages.org

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