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Brooklyn, New York

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Hannah E. Gordon

2007 – 2011
Brisbane, Australia Queensland University of Technology – Graduated with a Bachelors of Mass Communication majoring in Film and Public Relations.

Experience using adobe, final cut pro, avid, final draft, movie magic and showbiz budgeting and web development software. My work history and my references will attest to my expertise in developing creative ideas, leadership, management, communication and interpersonal skills; with excellent organization and planning skills; the ability to multitask, work well under pressure and motivate others; outstanding anticipation skills and attention to detail; strong problem-solving skills and the ability to make decisions quickly. In addition to my production and producing experience, I’ve had experience directing, writing and working in public relations and marketing.


2BR02B Productions
Vancouver, Canada
Produced the science fiction short film "2BR02B" based on the story by Kurt Vonnegut. Tasks included: overseeing script rewrites, securing funding, hiring key creatives, casting, working with union, overseeing final cut and distribution.

Tinker Films Brisbane, Australia
Developed and produced several music videos and short films. Tasks included: developing concepts with Director; supervising location scouts; negotiating rates with vendors and crew; organizing crew and talent, supervising final cut and colour correction for broadcast.

Trembling Void Studios
Vancouver, Canada
Developed and produced “The Switch,” the world’s first transgender sitcom pilot. Canada’s Out TV picked up the show for six half-hour episodes. Tasks included: developing concept by overseeing writers’ meetings and giving script notes; securing funds from private investors; finalizing budget and managing accounts through out production; overseeing production schedule and day-to-day schedule; holding auditions and finalizing cast with Director; hiring large amount of production crew; supervising location scouts; negotiating salaries and contracts for all cast and crew; supervising post-production from assembly to final colour correct and final delivery for broadcast; coordinating with network to secure airing dates and time slots.

Director/Executive Producer
Convergent Entertainment Vancouver, Canada
Produced and directed “Why Go Through That?” an episode of the documentary series OutSpoken. The series aired on Out TV in Canada. Tasks included: co-writing and developing the script; managing and finalizing budget; hiring key crew; overseeing production schedule; pre interviewing subjects; overseeing location scouts; organizing travel to distant locations; organizing clearance for stock footage, music and miscellaneous materials; supervising all aspects of post-production and overseeing final cut for delivery to network.

Fade In Production
Vancouver, Canada
2013 Produced half-hour comedy pilot “Garden Grove”. Tasks included: proof reading script and giving notes; managing and finalizing budget; holding auditions and finalizing cast; negotiating salaries and contracts for all cast and crew; supervising location scouts; overseeing production schedule; negotiating deals with vendors.

Shaw/Out TV Vancouver,
2013 Produced special broadcasts for the Vancouver and Okanagan Pride festivities that aired on Canada’s Out TV and Shaw. Tasks included: sourcing and securing sponsors; organizing production crew; overseeing daily schedule; supervising control room during live coverage; supervising final edit for broadcast.

Segment Producer
Shaw/Out TV Vancouver, Canada
Created and produced monthly segment “Out Across Canada” for the LGBT magazine show Outlook TV that airs on Out TV and Shaw. Tasks included: developing concept; securing reporters in distant locations; overseeing stories for each episode; recording segment with reporters; supervising final edit and submission for broadcast.

Production Coordinator
Skycorner Entertainment
2012 Coordinated production for the feature film “John Apple Jack”. Tasks included: setting up production office; preparing and distributing paperwork; negotiating rates with vendors; finalizing and distributing crew deal memos; coordinating all communication between crew and producers; organizing shooting and parking permits; wrapping production and finalizing all paperwork and accounts.

Production Coordinator
Pull Focus
2012 Coordinated production for two short films, “Straight at the Gate” and “Shaky Larry”. Tasks and responsibilities were the same as during “John Apple Jack”.

Basecamp Entertainment
New York,
2012 Assisted production coordinator on the soap opera “Alla Te Espero,” which airs on NBC’s Telemundo network. Tasks included: assisting Production Coordinator and Producer with duties including maintaining production office; coordinating travel arrangements; assisting with and distributing paperwork; running errands; assisting with wrapping production and assembly of wrap book.

Production Intern
1ST Ave Machine
New York, USA
2010 - 2011 Interned in production office and on set at creative agency. Tasks included: supporting all departments and executive producer, answering phones, assembling paperwork, running errands, etc.

Wrote, directed and produced the short film “A Love Affair at the Regent,” which was an official selection at the Regent Film Festival in Brisbane, Australia in 2010.

Visa Status Eligible to work on an E3 visa until March 2016 with the option to renew indefinitely.

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