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Arvada, Colorado


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Denver and Washington DC based location sound mixer with over 26 years of television production experience in studio, field and post. Mixing sound for 17 years for local, national, and international clients for ENG, film, commercials, episodic television, documentary, corporate, and music productions. Ready to travel anywhere for your next production.

My sound package includes Sound Devices 664, Schoeps and Sennheiser shotguns, 8 Lectrosonics wireless mic systems, Sanken lavalier mics, Comtek IFB, Ambient Lockit Time Code Slate and Tiny Lockit boxes, and pellican cases for travel. Basic sound kit is comprised of 3 wireless, boom and mixer.

I am also a creative and resourceful video editor with a strong understanding of what it takes to produce high quality media for markets of all kinds. Good editors love great sound, and I understand both worlds.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Mass Media Communication. I have a strong passion for media, and I'm ready to travel for your next production! Please click on my website link for more information.

I have been in the industry since 1991.


NFL Films Enhanced Audio A1, Broncos - 2017 Season Nat Geo Explorer Washington DC, Bernie Sanders Story - April 2017 NFL Films A1 Enhanced Audio - 2016 Season at Denver Broncos "Fatal Attraction" crime show, Location Sound - August 2016 Sea Dragon - Investigative Reporting Documentary - Location Sound 8/2016 "Air Warriors" Location Sound - Red Rock Films, 8/2016 "The Zoo" Location Sound in Fort Collins, CO - 7/2016-8/2016 "Religion of Sports" - Cat Zingano - Location Sound, 7/2016 Shark Tank "Simply Fit"- Location Sound 7/2016 National Geographic "Breakthrough" Location Sound, CO Springs 7/2016 "Breaking the Nine" documentary with Woven Digital - Location Sound on Pikes Peak Hill Climb Race 6/2016 Editor - Lincoln Financial Group commercials, 6/2014 Tillman ESPY for ESPN - Location sound at Olympic Training Center 6/2016 Clarissa Shields Story NBC Sports - Location Sound at Olympic Training Center 6/2016 IPASS Capacity Building Course - Location Sound at CSU Fort Collins 6/2016 "Religion of Sports" - Cat Zingano - Location Sound, 5/2016 "What On Earth" Discovery Science - Location Sound at CSU and CU, 5/2016 Krave Commercial Spot with Michael Phelps - Location Sound at Olympic Training Center 5/2016 "Battle In The Balkans" documentary - Location Sound in Denver 5/2016 Planned Parenthood Opening Ceremony - Location Sound in CO Springs 5/2016 Allen Achievement Award Prescott Middle School - Location Sound in Ft Collins 4/2016 ABC NEWS Good Morning America Weather live shot - Location Sound in Vail, CO 4/2016 FBI "Active Shooter" interviews - Location Sound in Aurora CO 4/2016 National Geographic Wild - Location Sound in Avondale, CO 4/2016 ABC NEWS Murder trial interviews - Location Sound in Loveland CO, 4/2016 UHL Hockey Interviews for TSN - Location Sound 3/2016 Sound Mixer for Wells Fargo corporate shoot - 3/2016 United Healthcare Walmart Member story - Location Sound in Loveland CO 2/2016 Location Sound in Ocean City MD for Investigation Discovery 2/2016 Shark Tank "12 Inches in 12 Days" - Location Sound 2/2016 Bodega Pictures "Denver Bungalows" sizzle - Location Sound, 2/2016 President Bill Clinton Interview - Location Sound - 2/2016 UFC Ultimate Insider "Rose Namajunas" Location Sound, 2/2016 A2 Sound for Verizon Corporate Meeting - 1/2016 Location Sound for "Mother's Connection" commercial 1/2016 UFC Ultimate Insider / TJ Dillishaw - Location Sound, 12/2015 Location Sound (on Skis) for CTV in Breckenridge 12/2015 "The Rookie Business" - Alibi Entertainment - Location Sound, 11/2015-12/2015 Chobani Yogurt spot - Location Sound, 11/2015 "Capturing The Universe" Red Marble Media - Location Sound, 11/2015 Sound Mixer for EmoTek Labs Sizzle Reel 10/2015 Location Sound for Tiny Riot "Bong Appetite" 10/2015 Location Sound for VICE on HBO 10/2015 Location Sound for VICE on HBO "Gay Rights" 10/2015 Location Sound mixer for Sharp Entertainment "Mysteries at the National Parks" 9/2015 Sound Mixer for Intuit Quickbooks Connect Tour 9/2015 AOL Studios / Everyday Giants - Location Sound, August 2015 Patriot Paws / Reality TV - Location Sound, August 2015 Surviving Space / Interviews - Location Sound, August 2015 MSNBC / Holmes Jury Trial - Sound Mixer for live truck feed, July 2015 Building Alaska - Location Sound, July - August 2015 Fox Sports / UFC Ultimate Insider - Location Sound, June 2015 NENA Conference Video - On site Editor, June 2015 Investigation Discovery / Out of Darkness - Location Sound, May 2015 Quickbooks Connect event and interviews - Location Sound, May 2015 The Weather Channel - Strangest Weather - Sound Mixer, May 2015 Enshin Karate Documentary / Interviews - Location Sound, May 2015 Pioneer Sand Corporate Video - Sound Mixer, April 2015 Reefer Riches - Sound Mixer, April 2015 The Cannabusiness Report - Sound Mixer, March 2015 UFC Ultimate Insider - Sound mixer, Feb 2015 Location Sound "High Profits" CNN Docu-Series 9/14-1/15 Lifeproof Cases Commercial - Sound Mixer, March 2015 Location Sound Mixer on "Rustic Reno" Pilot in Vail, CO 11/14-12/14 Sound Mixer on "Extreme Cheapskates" 7/2014 Studio Sound Recordist, Sounds True, Awake At Work Sound Mixer - Documentary - "Dr. Sha", Universal Soul Services, 11/2014 Location Sound on "Building Alaska" 7/14-11/14 Sound Mixer - Lincoln Financial Group commercial shoot, 6/2014 ENG Location Sound Daily Planet - Discovery Canada 6/2014 Reality Show Sound mixer - Backyard Geniuses pilot, Leftfield Pictures, 4/2014 Sound Mixer - General Motors web videos, Maslin Digital, 4/2014 Sound Mixer - So Delicious commercial shoot, Sterling Rice, 4/2014 Sound Mixer - One Day in Denver, Footpath Pictures, 4/2014 Sound Mixer - Burton US Open Snowboard Champ interview, Sportsnet, 3/2014 Location Sound - Smashburger Commercial, Definite Productions, 1/2014 Sound Mixer - Compassion International Promo, Lux Creative, 1/2014 Sound Mixer - CalFrac Training Video, Rocky Mountain AVP, 11/2013 Sound Mixer - Documentary - Charlie Sampson Story, Preamble Pictures, 11/2013 Audio Editor (Adobe Audition) - Rocky Mtn Audio Video Productions, 11/2013 Location Sound - Shamanism Pilot show, The Branching, 9/2013 Sound Mixer - Stop at Nothing - The Lance Armstrong Story, 9/2013 Editor - Time Warner Cable / Event Networks, 6/2013 - 9/2013 Sound Mixer - Walmart Success Story (corporate) 7/2013 Location Sound - Discovery Canada, Daily Planet series 7/2013 Location Sound - Gunslingers, A&E / Castle Pictures, 6/2013 Producer/Cam/Sound/Editor - Neale D. Walsch and Peter Kater Live Event 5/2013 Location Sound - CO Rockies Management profile, Cinema Vertige, 5/2013 Recordist for feature film "The Frame" Double Edge Films, 2013 Commercial sound recordist - Smashburger spot, Definite Productions, 2013 Castle Pictures - The Weather Channel Series "Hacking the Planet" 11/2012 - 2/2013 Location Sound - Google Double Click/Booyah, Magnet Media 2013 Location Sound for TéléParis' "New York New York" French TV series, 1/2013 Location Sound for Mitt Romney ad campaign, 2012 Location Sound for Discovery "North America", 2012 Sound Mixer - Lucky Duck Productions, Nickelodeon News - Fracking America Healthcare Media - Phoenix, AZ location shoots Freelance Editor at Dish Network, Denver, 2012 ENG Location Sound for NBC, FOX, MSNBC, CNN, and others Rocky Mountain Audio Video Productions - Popcorn Company promo Camera, Sound and Editor for In The Telling, Boulder, 2012 Camera, Sound and Editor for Cero Productions, Denver T2 / Back Alley Films - J.E. Dunn Shoot at NREL Golden Sound Mixer for Sony Pictures - 21 Jump Street Press Junket 2012 ENG Location Sound for ABC NEWS, 2000-2007 Location Sound for corporate clients all over the Denver area


Sound Devices 664 mixer Sound Devices 552 mixer 4 Lectrosonics SMQV transmitters 2 Lectrosonics SRb dual channel receivers 1 Lectrosonics UCR 211 mic system 3 Lectrosonics UCR 195D mic systems 2 Sennheiser wireless mic systems Sanken lavalier mics Sennheiser and Schoeps Shotgun mics Zoom H4n Digital Recorder Comtek Wireless Personal Monitor System 40' of breakaway cable to camera Rycote Zeppelin system Ambient Lockit Time Code Slate (2) Ambient Tiny Lockit Time Code Boxes ACN-TL