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Audio engineering/ college Graduate looking for a audio post production position. I have worked on various film projects for school editing, mixing, and mastering audio tracks for short film projects. i have a created 547 songs and continuing to create, mix, edit, and master more tracks for various mediums through media. Using delays, reverbs, pitch shifting, time shifting, Eq, master limiter, reverse, invert, and many other internal plug-ins, and virtual instruments to create various tracks from scratch or through audio loops and SFX changing how it originally sounds. Making it sound fitting for a particular scene of a movie, whether it is scoring, source, or scourcing. All audio creations I have created have been made, mixed or remixed, edited or re-edited, and mastered within Pro Tools 10 Audio recording, mixing, editing, and mastering software.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

Blind Alley
Added on 4/22/2012
Blind Alley is a Student film that was created for a continuity project in Sheridan Media fundamentals program, course, introduction to Technology. The film is about a girl that has an obsession with drawing mazes as well as controlling a boy that she likes but getting him to go through the maze, where ever she draws a line going through the maze he follows it resembling control.

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