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Immersive (ih-mur-siv) adj. 1. noting or pertaining to digital technology or images that deeply involve one’s senses.

Since 1988, we’ve been helping our clients communicate visually in a high-tech, highly competitive world.

High-Tech, Low-Tech, Public and Private, all business have a story to tell and we help them with Computer Animation and Immersive Technologies.

Nash Immersive uses computer animation for product/process visualization, speaker support, and just pure attention getting at events such as trade shows.

Over the past several years, we've continued to add additional Immersive Technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), AutoStereoscopy (Glasses Free 3D), and interactive "Holographic" displays.

Contact us to discuss your visualization challenges, we look forward to helping you tell your business's unique story.

"A picture is worth a thousand words and a 34 second animation is a thousand pictures... You do the math" - Kirk O. Nash, Digital Visualization Director

We have been in the industry since 1988.

Nash Immersive demo reel
Added on 12/14/2017
Nash Immersive's product and process visualization demo reel showing off 3D modeling, animation, rigging, lighting, texturing, and motion graphics.

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