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I have years of experience working in the field as a technician on hundreds of Feature Films, Television productions and live events as well as extensive experience in post production workflows as an editor and visual effects artist. I have field Video and Audio gear and editing systems in house with portable and adaptable systems to integrate workfows with out-of –house facilities. I use various 3D modeling and simulation software in my daily workflows with software like Cinema 4D, maya, 3d max, houdini, and all adobe products. Im proficient in both PC and MAC workflow routines. I do various pre-production jobs as Locations Manager/Production Coordinator. I am obsessive over details and meeting the deadlines and very relaxed and easy to work with. Please review my resume and reels in the links below as well as other media and press published about me around the web and feel free to contact me if I may be helpful to your project.


-Henry Torbin


e-mail: mailto:henrytorbin@aol.com


website: henrytorbin.webs.com


Henry Torbin

P: 718-930-5730 e: HenryTorbin@aol.com Web: HenryTorbin.webs.com IMDB: www.imdb.com/name/nm2201760/

3D Engineering Skillsets: AutoCAD / Cinema 4D / After Effects / Unity 3D

3D modeling / 3D Animation / 3D Physics Rigs / 3D lighting and photo-realistic image

render / video and mobile game development and programming

Mr. Torbin has used AutoCad, After Effects and Cinema 4D for over 4 years for visual effects and physical demonstrations on film, television and commercial productions. I am always keeping up to date with current and future development. I am now intergrating this software further with unity 3D to develop advanced 3D models and high quality computer generated images with unity

Final Cut Studio / Avid Media Composer / Adobe Premier

- Video and Audio Editor / Live and Post Audio Engineer / Broadcast Standard Control

Audio / Video and 3D Motion Graphics engineer, Department Manager / Project Coordinator

Henry Torbin has worked 8 published years on over 50 feature film, television, commercial and live theatrical productions establishing long ongoing working relationships on various projects.

Published Titles: Editor, Sound mixer, CGI Effects Artist, Production Coordinator, Locations Manager

Recent Projects:

Title: O2L Digitour 2014 Company: Fullscreen Inc. – position: Production Coordinator

As production coordinator for the O2L Digitour 2014 Mr. Torbin’s first duties were to create schedule and budget spreadsheets for a 2 bus traveling team of 40 people around the country for live show and broadcast venues. Mr. Torbin negotiated schedules and costs with local vendors, to propose budget plans before the start of production. On tour Mr. Torbin’s duties were to fly a crew of 40 people from LA and NY to FLL to begin the traveling tour. He would deal with local vendors, schedule flights,hotel stays and meals for crew and talent coming in and out while traveling on the road, Handle spending and petty cash to stay within the pre-planned budgets, organize site maps, organize crowd releases, contracts and obtain permission for work permits on site. Mr. Torbin’s challenge in this job was to stay ahead of ever changing schedules and mixed time zones for a smooth running production and a happy working crew.

Title: Beyond The Game – Company: Universal Vision Prod. - Editor / CGI Artist / Audio Engineer 2014

Mr. Torbin has worked with Universal vision production since he first began there as an editor 8 years ago in seasonal film production in the action movie genre. Mr. Torbin has been credited as Film Editor for the film for organization of raw video and audio material recorded on 35mm film and transfer to digital vidieo with organized workflow to relink to original media, make an assembly for a narrative feature film ready for distribution. Mr. Torbin set up audio rigs on filming locations and supervised audio signal and quality for broadcast standards. Mr. Torbin Created 3D visual sets and interactive photorealistic models by integrating video editing and 3D animation rendering software.

Recent Related work: (Please google Henry Torbin for additional published media)

-“IQ Gym” Game app 2014 – Developer and Graphics Designer

-Black Eyed Peas 3D Video – Sound Supervisor

-"Never Surrender" - Lionsgate Films – Editor / Sound Mixer

-"Blizhniy Boy: Ultimate Fighter" Universal Vision Prod – Editor/ Post Sup

-"Lost Warrior: Left Behind" Universal vision Prod. – Editor/ Post Sup

-“Death Warrior" Lionsgate Films – Editor/ Sound mixer

- Henry Torbin

I have been in the industry since 2008.

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2014 showreel

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