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My name is Michael Mills; I am a 31-year-old college graduate, looking to further expand my career opportunities.

After reading your job posting, I have become quite interested in a permanent position. My interests are very diverse; however, I am most interested in actual production and post-production.

My hands-on experience is rather extensive throughout all phases of pre-production, production, and post. I am experienced in A/V setups, Avid editing, Final Cut, Compressor, LiveType, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Photoshop, ENPS, writing, live switching, and camera operating. I successfully meet strict deadlines and work well under pressure. I have worked for Time Warner, CBS, and FOX in addition to producing my own pilot episode for a new TV show concept. My enthusiasm for the production industry allows me to be flexible and adaptable to learn new systems quickly.

As noted on the enclosed resume, I have worked in one of the top five television markets and within South Florida, so I am familiar with the local industry. This experience has stimulated my interest and desire to grow. Proved by my many accomplishments, I have lots of energy to exert in work and a serious passion for the industry. I am an enthusiastic hard worker with the desire to learn many new concepts and skills.

My resume is enclosed for your review, and I have samples of my work.

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